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Annual Lighthouse Awards
Next Event: April 21, 2023
@ La Venezia Ballroom


The Cape Coral Charter School Foundation's Annual Lighthouse Awards Dinner and Awards Ceremony has certainly evolved through the years.  One thing that hasn't changed however, is the enormous pool of exceptional educators and support staff our wonderful parents, peers, students and administrators have to choose from for their individual nominations for best teacher.  Some even vote for multiple staff members as it's simply too difficult to select just one.  Once the nominations are all received, our independent panel of observers, essay reviewers and judges continue the  narrowing down process by taking the list of nominees down to three finalists per school.   At the awards ceremony the 12 finalists are narrowed down to  only one single winner per year from each of the four schools.   It is truly a daunting task for everyone involved as there are just so many incredible educators and support staff to choose from!

2022-2023 Lighthouse Parent, Student & Peer Nominations Portal will open Fall 2022

Congratulations to our 2023 Lighthouse Award Finalists as well as our Beacon Award Winner, Tammy Daniels!

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