2018-2019 Foundation Grant Recipients

The Cape Coral Municipal Charter School Foundation welcomes educators and administrators within our school system to apply for grants throughout the entire school year.  All Grants are quickly reviewed against our qualification rubric and awarded on a monthly basis!

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2018-2020 Grants Awarded!

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Thank you Gunterberg Foundation and Culliton Family for your invaluable ongoing contribution!



Making a difference! 

Some of the many wonderful projects/programs funded to date...

Sports Shed/Equipment Storage - Oasis High School

Reflex Math Program - Oasis Elementary School

First Grade Literacy Project - Oasis Elementary School

Picasso Museum - Oasis Middle School

Water Testing & Filtration Educational Tools - Oasis Middle School

School Newspaper Resources - Oasis High School

Library Resources - Christa Mcauliffe Elementary

"Flocabulary" Program Resources - Oasis Middle School

Family Science Night - Oasis Elementary School

Stop Bleed Kits - (All 4 campuses)

School/Student Incentives - Oasis High School

STEM - Robotic Kits - Oasis Middle School

Culinary Program equipment - Oasis High School

Author Day - Oasis Middle School

Dance Studio Mirrors - Oasis Middle School

Mystery Science Project - Oasis Elementary School

Music Enrichment Resources - Oasis Elementary School

School Newspaper Resources 2- Oasis High School

School/Student Incentives 2 - Oasis High School

Brand New Ukulele's for Music Room - Oasis Elementary School